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Are you in need of a qualified therapist? Dr. Shana Helmholdt with Helmholdt Psychological Consulting LLC is a certified therapist and an expert in the areas of psychotherapy and human behavior. She is a clinical psychologist and distinguished member of the APA. As a premier therapist, Dr. Helmholdt is boarded by the American Psychological Association and founder of Helmholdt Psychological Consulting, a company focused on new treatments for a variety of psychiatric conditions such as anxiety and depression, family dysfunction, trauma, abuse, addiction and eating disorders, personality disorders, and more. She is an experienced therapist with over with 17 yrs of experience dealing with her patients' needs by offering innovative treatment methods that are customized to each individual. Her mission is to foster healing, create positive change, and enrich the lives of every patient that walks into her clinic. Dr. Helmholdt?s background as a therapist is extensive, as she strives to meet the needs of her diverse clientele, including private, couples, and corporate. To schedule an appointment with her, contact Helmholdt Psychological Consulting LLC in Scottsdale, AZ at 480-323-xxxx today. Call now at twenty for more details today.Listing originally posted at http